Dremio datasource for Grafana

Is there a way to connect to the data lakehouse platform Dremio from Grafana, I do not see any available datasource ?

Maybe use its rest api. That is another wwy to connect

API Reference | Dremio Documentation.


Yup - could use the REST API with one of the the JSON datasources Grafana Plugins - extend and customize your Grafana | Grafana Labs such as Infinity, or maybe one of the SQL datasources with SQL Reference | Dremio Documentation

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@davidharris - the SQL reference documents accessing the Dremio data using SQL queries, not much whether it can be connected as a SQL data source from Grafana. Do you know if it is feasible?

@yosiasz - yes connecting as a JSON API may be feasible, trade-off being having to write REST API endpoint calls using JSONata or JSONPath instead of simple SQL queries for the dashboards.

On the same note, is it possible to install a Dremio driver in Grafana servers and connect to Dremio from Grafana using JDBC / ODBC, for example?

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or use infinity plugin with simple parse-json and jsonata

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You can use the Sqlyze datasource with the Flight SQL ODBC Driver.

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Hello Sir, do you connect to dremio successfully? thanks.