Is remote_cache 6.2.2 redis working?

I’ve set redis on remote_cache, but it does not seem to be caching. Is remote cache working?


It’s only used when auth proxy authentication is enabled.

If auth proxy authentication is enabled. Are the results of the query cached in the redis?
Or, is authentication info cached?

No cache of queries, only authentication info.

Is remote_cache used with auth.ldap? I have encountered a similar scenario where I have configured remote_cache to use Redis, but nothing is being stored there. I even did a extra test by setting the port to an incorrect value and nothing is in the logs, even with debug enabled.

GF_REMOTE_CACHE_CONNSTR=redis:6379 (also tried 6378, which I would expect to fail with an error message)

If remote_cache is really only used with auth.proxy, it would be good to state this in the documentation.

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