Is PagerDuty still supported as a Contact Point / Notification Channel?

I’m new to Grafana and looking into sending alerts/notifications.

I’m playing with Grafana 9.x, (K8S) and found PagerDuty is not listed as a Contact Point type. However, one of the document page has the PagerDuty listed and saying it’s supported.

I noticed that an older version, 6.x, seems supporting PagerDuty, where it’s called Notification Channel.

Can someone provide some detailed instructions to make PagerDuty working with Grafana? Thanks!

Hi! Pagerduty is supported, you will find it under OpsGenie.

Could you please provide some details to get here? Is it under Alerting, Configuration, or somewhere else?

I cannot find anything similar. My Grafana is 9.x.

Hi! You can find this under Alerting, Contact points, New contact point.

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My bad. I thought the dropdown list ends with “Microsoft Teams” and never tried to scroll down :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much and I’m good now :slight_smile: