Is it possible to make some parts of the series transparent?

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Is it possible to make some parts of the series transparent in Grafana like from a certain time? Grafana Version 9.4.7

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Hi @allomorphy,

Thanks for opening this post.

Can you please explain a bit more about what series you are talking about? Is it about a specific Panel?

Maybe share a screenshot and explain what you would to be transparent?

Thank you Usmanahahad,

Use case is that we have three series. We want the Glucose and for the Insulin Series to have their own Y-Axis.And we want the KRAFT to share its Y-Axis with Insulin.

Snapshot: Grafana

Sadly, this seems to us to be beyond the configurability of Grafana. Accordingly, we tried some not-pretty approach by adding additional data points to the KRAFT series to as it were “spike” the series to the height of the Insulin. (Then the math behind the maximising of the curve would put both Insulin and KRAFT on the same height).

But of course we want to hide this spike. So the best way we could think is to make this section transparent according to its X-value (time). This could be a second or so of time for the spike to complete.

However, I just tried according to Y-Value to make the spike transparent. Sadly could not get this to work.

(Another issue, is the spike messes the interpolation so that needs to be removed).

Apologies for all the problems. Would be nice if we could force sharing of Y-Axis for some Series. But I guess a lot of things would be nice if one were to start griping :wink:

Thanks for Grafana

Thanks for the detailed information.

Could it be possible to get access to edit the panel (if you simply create a duplicate one and allow the edit option) so that my team can look into it better?

If the above is not possible, then can you please try to reproduce this same issue on and then share the dashboard link so that we can view it?

It does not need to look like same (just a mockup version of your original one) with some random data (you can use TestDB Datasource) but would be really helpful