Is it possible to change a table panel's dropdown-selector?

I’ve got a Grafana dashboard with a table panel showing data from an Opensearch database. Each day, we’ve got a nightly job that tabulates some various data coming from around (~30) different monitors, each of which aggregate data from a number of sub-monitors. The job pre-calculates which sub-monitors for each monitor are the worst ones.

We’ve been able to pull this data into a table in Grafana pretty easily using a Table Panel with a custom field filter. However, the drop-down selector, which switches between each data source, instead shows the names of the columns instead of each datasource’s name. (or, alternatively, I’d like it to show the “description_orig” column, which is the same value in my case) In the attached screenshot, I’m pointing to this with an orange arrow; as you can see, the dropdown selector is the same every time, making it super obnoxious to use. Is there any way to change this? I’ve spent at least an hour tearing my hair out over this. :frowning: