IPv6 on Grafana as SMTP server

We are using IPv6 in our infrastructure. Everything is working fine including Grafana. Only problem we are facing is unable to input IPv6 as SMTP server in Grafana.ini

We already tried with all the combination that works with IPv6.

Anybody please help…

Hi @pinchu,

This is really an interesting one :slightly_smiling_face:

So from what I know, it should work by default. I did find this issue where it says same that with IPv4 send worked but not with IPv6 for the same server and then provided some tips.

If you can please test it out to see if that helps i.e. adding additional details in resolve.conf

Let us know if this helps.

Not working with resolv.conf
Also tried with hostname as well.

Which Grafana flavour you are using i.e. Grafana Cloud or Hosted Grafana or the Free Grafana OSS (own managed)?