Invite OAuth users without basic auth

I am currently running a grafana server with only basic auth enabled. I’m trying to transition to using Google OAuth and disabling basic auth. I have made the config changes and the Google OAuth is working except, I don’t want to allow anyone with our company’s domain in their email to log into the server, so I have set:

allow_sign_up = false

Thus, users need to be invited to access the grafana server. However, when they receive the invite they are prompted to enter a password and this password works for them to log into the server even though I have disabled basic auth with the setting:

enabled = false

Is there a way to invite OAuth users without also giving them basic auth access?

auth.basic controls authentication via the HTTP Authorization header, if you don’t want to use password auth that is a good setting to disable.

To disable the password box on the login screen you’ll want to set:

disable_login_form = true

You can read more about that here:

@dcech Thanks for the suggestion! I should have mentioned that I already tried this. It works as expected to remove the password box on the login screen, but then the “Invite” button on the configuration panel disappears :frowning:

I’m hoping there is a way to disable the login form while still being able to invite users so that I can limit who has access to my grafana server without allowing anyone with our company’s domain to sign up. Anyone know if this is possible?

I am trying to accomplish the same, but with no luck.