Invalid: compilation failed: error at :@xx:xx-xx:xx expected comma in property list, got LPAREN

I am trying to use grafana + influxdb + telegraf to monitor my vCenter 6.5 and 7.0 platform.
Using the latest version of all these products:

grafana: v7.5.4
influxdb: 2.0.4
telegraf: 1.18.1

I can see data in the influxDB but grafana is unable to load the data and giving the following error:

invalid: compilation failed: error at :@xx:xx-xx:xx expected comma in property list, got LPAREN

This seems like a bug with grafana and its unable to query the data.
My datasource has been configured correctly:

Any chance you can show us the query? Kind of hard to say much without it.

Please find the query for various objects in the overview page:

If I am trying to query the same in the influxdb, getting the same error:

But if I am selecting the bucket, I can see the correct data in it:

So not sure where its going wrong.

I’m pretty sure the issue is that you’ve selected the Flux datasource, but your query is written in “legacy” InfluxQL. You should switch to the InfluxQL datasource.

Initially I was also suspected that but its not allowing me to use InfluxQL. Its giving bad gateway error.

Hello, Jorge here / The creator of those Dashboards.
My work has done for InfluxQL, meaning your telegraf output should save the data into that format, not buckets or anything in 2.0.

I would move all of this to the new way of doing things, but for now, use Influx 1.x and all will work as expected.

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Thank you @jorgedelacruz and @svetb

After using InfluxDB 1.8, I am able to configure data source with InfluxQL language.
Now things are working well and able to see the data.

Waiting for your update on Flux query in the near future :slight_smile:

Ah yeah good point - I forgot that Influx 2.0 doesn’t (yet) support InfluxQL. Anyway, great to hear you got it sorted :+1: