Error reading InfluxDB" when trying to add InfluxDB 2.0 Data Source with Flux Query Language


I have the same a problem of “Error reading InfluxDB” when trying to add InfluxDB 2.0 Data Source with Flux Query Language

As depicted here - but it didn’t help me:

What was expected to happen?

That the grafana will work with InfluxDB.

Version numbers (grafana, prometheus, graphite, plugins, operating system, etc.):

Configuration information:

influxdb version 2.5.1

grafana 8.4.5

As depicted here - but it didn’t help me:

What is your grafana and influxdb hosted on? Docker ?

Yes thery are hosted on docker

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Can you access influxdb via browser on port 8086?

In grafana What are you using for authentication to influxdb? User name and password or token?


Yes I cab access InfluxDB through port 8086 on google chrome.

In grafana I’ve tried authentication with both:

  1. Username and password of my InfluxDB.

First I try the username as a string and then the username as username id as seen in InfluxDB settings.

  1. I’ve try to use API token ID from InfluxDB. I have influxdb version 2.5.1 so I needed to clone my default token in order to see the API token’s ID. So I put this ID.

I’ve seen in the github post that someone wrote that he guess you should write “token” in the header in HTTP custom Headers, but said nothing about the value…
So i try to put “token” in header and my cloned API token id… didn’t work.


I think if you do

Token 73773hdbehjej3bhr

It should work


What is this number?


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that would be your token. just using a fake one here

Is the token value is a very big string with many numbers and characters?

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Custom HTTP Headers
Header: Authorization
Value: Token aaabbbcccc

So literally write “Token aaabbsc” in Value, of course replacing aaabbsc with my API token id.

Can you please put a picture with all the parameters?
I want to verify I’m doong the fully configuration correctly.

Thanks a lot.

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exactly. I put a picture up on previous post


Can you please put a picture of all the other parameters in the screen except Custom HTTP header?

I want to verify all the other parameters too.


No other parameters should be configured other than the host:8086 and this custom header

Still didn’t work

You say I dont need to configure anything in InfluxDB details parameters?

Organization, token, default bucket…leave it blank with nothing written?

What about Access (in HTTP), should it be Server(default)?

Great @yosiasz

you should find your token in http://localhost:8086/api/v2/authorizations