Internal Grafana Annotations no longer work in a table

Not sure how long this has been an issue but I noticed this morning that one of our dashboards that has a table of internal grafana annotations is no longer working. It’s throwing an error that says: is not a function

In console I get a little more info:

I first noticed while on 6.2.1 so I upgraded to 6.2.2 and it still persists. That’s deployed with the RPM on CentOS 7. I then tested on a separate grafana install also on 6.2.2 that’s running in docker.

EDIT: In the table panel, I have the – Grafana – datasource selected and in the visualizations I have Table Transforms Annotations selected.

This has worked for some time but broke at an unknown point.

Saw that you opened an issue already. This is a bug in Grafana - you can see it on the Grafana play site: