Integration vs Email alert to OpsGenie

I saw one post about this but don’t believe it was really answered. Email alerts from Grafana seem to contain more information than alerts using the OpsGenie integration to Grafana’s api.

Example the email will contain the widget name, queue in alert, alerting threshold value of the queue and the actual queue value.

The alert via api integration to Opsgenie only contains the widget name and links back to the widget, which while nice is not all that useful.

I do not see any options in Grafana to include more information in the alerts to either email or api integration. It’s either on or off.

Am I missing something?

The OpsGenie integration is a community contribution, it may be possible to add additional fields or more information in the body.

The code that generates the OpsGenie API request is at if you wanted to try extending it to include more information.