Integrating icingaweb2 with realtime Grafana graphs


Unclear of the configuration of Grafana to integrate with multiple hosts and services with Icingaweb2. When selecting the metric from Graphite table that contains multiple hosts, the only option is a wildcard but not certain that is correct. Additionally, unclear the config.ini configuration to call the graph for a specific host and service metric.

This is where the example came from:

Any input to resolve would be appreciated.


username = “admin”
password = “admin”
host = “xx.xx.xx.xx:3000”
height = “280”
width = “640”
protocol = “http”
enableLink = “yes”
defaultdashboard = “icinga2-default”
datasource = “graphite”
graphs = “remote_ping4, current load, memory, procs, users, disk”
graphs.remote_ping4.dashboard = “base-metrics”
graphs.remote_ping4.panel = 1
graphs.remote_ping6.dashboard = “base-metrics”
graphs.remote_ping6.panel = 1
graphs.load.dashboard = “base-metrics”
graphs.load.panel = 3
graphs.memory.dashboard = “base-metrics”
graphs.memory.panel = 4
graphs.procs.dashboard = “base-metrics”
graphs.procs.panel = 5
graphs.users.dashboard = “base-metrics”
graphs.users.panel = 6
graphs.disk.dashboard = “base-metrics”
graphs.disk.panel = 7
parametrized = “var-$hostname, var-$service”

So you not seeing your hosts? Maybe something wring with the incinga -> graphite connection.

None on the core grafana team know anything about the Icingaweb2 integration. So your best bet is to reach out to them for help.

Thank you for responding.

I actually see all the hosts in a single Grafana graph for one selected metric value since I selected wildcard “*” (as a test graph). The challenge is to only display one host for the selected metric. Uncertain if the solution is using a single graph panel, drilldown, or starred dashboards in order to display selected metrics from Graphite.

What do you mean by [quote=“garrettcoops, post:1, topic:171”]
the only option is a wildcard

Do you mean in a Graphite query or in the icingaweb2 module configuration? If it is the Graphite query you mean then it is not the only option - you can select one host or just an array of hosts that you want.

Maybe a couple of screenshots would help clear up the confusion. I don’t think I understand the problem you are having.

Better use my Icingaweb2 module, it works and has some more features.

This module does help thank you!

The metric used established in your json files is close to where I
"thought" I was heading. Definitely much cleaner than mine.