Integrate sso and jmeter in grafana

Just wanted to integrate the sso idp with grafana and jmeter also. But want to understand which grafana version supports it.
Open Source
enterprise version
cloud version

Which of this 3 supports the integrations, and if ant helpful documentations links

SSO is wide term. Please read doc, for example for OAuth:

Thanks, can you please help me like this integration okta with grafana works in open source version or only in cloud version, in order to save cost, we are more concerned.

Grafana Enterprise, being a premium version, generally includes additional features and enterprise-level support. SSO integration is likely supported in the enterprise version, but you should refer to the specific documentation for Grafana Enterprise for detailed information.

for cost purpose can we use open source to integrate the okta with grafana for allowing multiple users to login via okta. Is this possible in open version by any chance. Also jmeter plugin for load testing is available in grafana open source

Answers for your questions are in already linked doc: