Installation issue on Red Hat 7


I followed the Red Hat installation guide here
When I launch the grafana-server there are no errors but in my web page I got this render:

Somebody can help me with ?


What is the command you’re using to start Grafana?

Do you see any errors in the grafana server log?

Do you see any failed requests in the browser console?

Thanks for your answer
I have 0 errors in server log but in console I have :

To start I use :
$ systemctl start grafana-server


Are you using a reverse proxy in front of Grafana? What url are you browsing when receiving above 404’s?

Check the Grafana server log and include possibly related messages here for further help.


Yes, I use a reverse proxy and I browsing a custom address.
I see no related message in the grafana.log file:

Have you read/followed the documentation for running Grafana behind reverse proxy?


I just finished reading it

Its working now !

Thanks you !

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