Install custom Plugins (candlestick charts) into Grafana Clound


I would like to install a custom plugin into Grafana Cloud:

Is that possible ? My assumption is that it is not because you dont have access to grafana-cli in grafana cloud.

if not, is there another way i can get Cnadlestick charts in Grafana Cloud ?

Plz advice

Hi @andersback,

It’s possible to install any plugins from the plugins repository on Grafana Cloud. Ilgizar’s plugin is not registered in the repository. By contrast, manually installing a plugin is not possible on Grafana Cloud.

Instructions for developers to add their plugin to the public repository are listed here: grafana/grafana-plugins-repository.

I haven’t seen an open issue on the ilgizar-candlestick-panel to request adding the plugin to the repository, maybe you can contact the developer to do it or propose a pull request to help him?