Install Datagrid Plugin on Grafana Cloud?

Hi everyone,

i currently run a grafana cloud instance which already has severlal custom plugins like:

-Data Manipulation

i now tried to download the Datagrid Plugin which was not possible or rather i did not find a clear way on how to do it.

My question would be:

  • Is it possible to download it within a grafana cloud instance?

  • And how can i do it ?

Would look forward to hear a solution about this.


it is under feature toggle. Available for you via opening a support ticket, but only if you use Grafana Cloud Advanced

If you succeed to install it either on cloud or use on local Grafana instance, please let me know. I’ve opened an issue on github that Datagrid cell editing is not working at all since Grafana v.10.1.5. three months ago , but no one seems to care :slight_smile: