Inspect-Export data

Hi everyone,
I have created a panel with a CSV data source and set some filtering values.
When I inspect it, the system exports the entire CSV data, which is not what I want.
Is there a setting where I can ensure that when inspecting, it exports only the data filtered on the panel?

I do not wish to rely on the ‘Apply Panel Transformation’ filter in the inspection, as not all users will necessarily choose this filter.
Is there a way to configure it so that when inspecting, it directly exports the data that I have filtered on the panel?

I don’t want to use it.

My Grafana version is v10.1.4

Thanks in advance,

Welcome @Graceshen

Perhaps using the Infinity datasource for your CSV will give you more settings that ensure you are looking at only the desired filtered data. More here.

Hello @grant2 ,

I try to use Infinity Datasource, but I am not sure how to use it.
My Data have an office column, like HQ, AC, etc.
I only want to show HQ, but if I use a transform.
The result will be the same as what I originally did.
What can I do?
I also tried using UQL, but I still encountered the problem that I couldn’t filter out the value I needed and let it be displayed.

And I try to use this,

My Column is like,

But it becomes like this,

I hope it can be like this, how can I do it?

Thanks in advance,