Select individual columns in "Inspect - Data" to be exported into CSV

Hi everyone,

Is there a possibility to export into CSV not all columns under “Inspect - Data”, but only individual ones that I need?

For example, I need to have only time, I2 and I3 in CSV, not I1:

Or any other combination of columns, but not all columns.

Grafana 10.2

I think the only way you can do that is over a “organized fields” transformation.
Here you can enable/disable the columns.
And in the inspect panel you have to select “apply panel transformations”
But its just a workarround.

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Yes, there is no problem to filter anything at the transformation stage in query settings. But the idea was to view all data returned by the configured query with possibility to export only selected columns.

For example, by clicking on Time series legend items with Ctrl it is possible to select several series. Would be perfect if in “Inspect - Data” only selected in legend series were shown and then exported to CSV…

P.S. It is also possible to use variables to filter query data, but they are available for the whole dashboard, not the particular panel.