Inserting a photo via a button in the display section

Hello Everyone!
I have a question concerning the way we could add a picture to the panel via a file browser.
This file browser is generated via a button in the display section. I am having a hard time binding the panel and the source of the picture.
I have a component that does the browsing but i can’t find how to set the value of my display parameter to the source photo.
Any help would be appreciated :wink:

Hi @atik5u! Can you give a bit more details about how you’re implementing this? Is this for a custom panel plugin? Or via code in the HTML panel? None of this sounds like standard Grafana functionality.

Some screenshots of what you have so far, and what you’re specifically struggling with would also be helpful.

Hello and thanks for your answer.
It’s a custom panel plugin, where we have a button to upload an image into the panel, but the button is in the display section.
I put the code that uploads the image is a different component then i just called it in my panel component.
(I couldn’t upload any picture of my code)