Influxdb lost connection after sometime

Hi everyone,

I am having a strange issue, may be one of you have encountered this.

I have multiple organizations and influxdbs. I am creating them via HTTP REST APIs which works fine. The whole process get synced twice a day.

When I create a datasource via HTTP api, it gets created alongside a specific dashboard but unless I go to UI and click the “save and test” button on Datasource page of specific organization of grafana, it didn’t get connected and I cannot see data on my dashboard. After syncing again after some time (I refresh connections or add changes to grafana org if there are any), the same connected influxdb datasource again doesn’t show data on dashboard (it is the same old one). I again have to go to each org datasource’s page to click on “save and test” button and then it worked.

Doing is every time is not a good solution for me. Is there any person who has such issue or may be have idea to solve this thing or explain the reason of issue in depth?

Grafana version: 5.4.2
influxdb: latest
(both are docker containers)