Indexing to Video from a Grafana Trace

Hi all,

I am not yet a Grafana user and I am looking for some guidance as to whether it can do what I need.

I would like to produce a dashboard with a graph trace based on a date/time series. In addition, I need to be able to click on any point in the graph (time series) and retrieve the date/time for that point and from this data make an api call which passes the date/time and then the api returns a video still from an archive which is closest to that date and time. When the still is returned I need it to be displayed in a window on the dashboard with an option to click on the video to play whereupon the all the video stills in the sequence play through until a period of 10 minutes from the initial date/time has passed.

That’s a bit specific I know, but if anyone has seen this functionality or something like it enabled in Grafana, please let me know and perhaps send a link etc.

Many thanks