Indexing Grafana Multidimensional Alerts

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Hello! I am using grafana V9 and Influxdb, and I was wondering if it is at all possible to index the mutlidimentional alerts or how to have them firing only if a certain number of the alerts met the treshhold instead of firing when at least one is firing.


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Hi @trajectoryofvelocity

I think this should be possible. Using Example 5 from this tutorial, you could do a COUNT (expression D) and then math expression on that COUNT (expression E). For example, if the count of the alarm conditions is > 2, then fire alert.

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Is there a way to return the COUNT(alerts_met_treshold) as a single integer of the number of cpu that are meeting the treshold, let’s say there are 100 and 70 alerts firing then return the integer 70 using the grafana Expressions?