Inconsistency in Average total traceroute time

I see an inconsistency between the time averages between “Traceroute path” and “Average total trace time”.

For example: in my “Traceroute path” chart I have 4 hops:

  • Host: 0.00ms
  • Hop 1 (Gateway): 1.605ms
  • Hop 2: 51.00ms
  • Hop 3: 51.00ms
  • Hop 4: 45.00ms

The average of these times should be 45.00ms, but the “Average total trace time” field shows 796.35 ms.

Why does the time shown in the “Average total trace time” field not match the average of the hops observed in the “Traceroute path” graph?

Hi @infragrupopardini - that definitely looks odd. If the issue is still occurring, make sure you are on the latest version of the Synthetic Monitoring plugin (Synthetic Monitoring > Settings > scroll down to the bottom of that page to find version. Currently, that should be version 1.12.1.

If the plugin is up to date and the average total trace time values still have discrepancies, please open a ticket with the support team from your account portal so they can further review.