Include ALL option in all filters in dashboard

I am installing node exporter on multiple edge servers.
I am taking the server details like owner name and team name of the server. I created a database for storing the IP, TEAM NAME AND OWNER NAME of the edge servers. these details are store in central server.

I installed prometheus,postgres and grafana in central server.
In grafana I am using prometheus and postgre as data sources.

Now I want to filter through team variable like for a particular team there can be many owners and multiple servers .
so owner and ip are dependent on team.

Now I can use ALL option in owner and ip variables, but I am not able to use ALL option for team variable. Is there any possibility to add ALL option for that? I tried adding ALL option but I am not getting all values like cpu used memory used and cpu cores etc… If I remove ALL option from team variable I am getting everything perfect.

Is there any solution for that? if yes then could anyone please help me ?

Thanks in advance.

@chembakayalabharath it sounds like you’re close.

can you please follow these steps to share your raw unformatted data? That way, the community can try and mock up your problem :+1:

If you can also share the dashboard json it will help us to see how your variable is defined and used.