Improve query time

Sometimes when I run queries, they simply timeout after running for more than a minute. When I run them on Azure Log Analytics, they execute within seconds. What is the issue here? I want to use Grafana in production but it seems much too unreliable :confused:

Hi @kequach,

I think that more details about your Grafana instance, the infrastructure around it, your computing resources, your query, and perhaps a screenshot of your network tab in your browser’s dev tools while running a query would be helpful.

The more info you provide the more likely someone can improve your Grafana’s performance :+1:

@kequach, are you able to find some solution around Grafana reliability ? I am facing the same challenge, Dashboard is not consistent in loading data. I get below error whenever Grafana failed to load data.
error=“failed to query data: Failed to query data: rpc error: code = Canceled desc = context canceled”

I am using Grafana V8.0.7
Is it time to upgrade ?