Import Duplicate Dashboard Overrides Each Other?

I’m currently using Grafana 5.1.3 coming from Grafana 4.*

I need to create two alternate versions of the same dashboard due to the node_exporter@0.16.0 changes. I need PROD/STAGING versions.

1. I am exporting the JSON Data from PROD dashboard.
2. Importing the JSON to STAGING dashboard. Change the title and some metrics. Then save this dashboard.
3. PROD dashboard is now missing. How can I have two alternate copies at one time? In Grafana 4.* I was able to do so.

If I repeat this and copy the STAGING board to recreate PROD. I will then lose the STAGING board, vice versa. I will always lose the previous board that the JSON data came from.

Am I going about this wrong? Is Grafana trying to prevent importing duplicate boards?



There is a uid field in the dashboard json file (usually at the end of the file). You need to modify (or remove) this field before importing the dashboard, otherwise Grafana looks at it to determine its association to the pre-existing dashboard. We are working on changing the ui to make it clear that this will happen.

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Thanks for the fast reply.

That did the trick. I suspected Grafana was trying to prevent duplicate boards.
It definitely should be more explicit. Maybe a validation that the uid already exists before you can create the board.

Thanks again

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Actually if you wanna do this, you can go to settings on the dashboard, and select “save as”, then it will be saved as a duplicate dashboard