Export then Import dashboard overwrite the original dashboard without warning

We are using Histed Grafana (5.0.3 I guess).

My use cas: I want to duplicate a dash board from a customer to another customer and the only difference is a tag value (I don’t use Variables because I want to hide this from the customers). So, I export the dashboard, fin and replace the tag value in the whole file and Import it again choosing another name for it.

And, surprise!, the original dashboard has disappeared as if it had been overwritten by the imported one. And without warning…

I hit the same problem. It looks like if you go into the json and change the uid value to null, this doesn’t happen. It would certainly be nice if it gave some warning about this or by default set the value to null when exported.

"uid": null,

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We have an open issue to make the overwrite logic behave more like when saving a dashboard.