Imagelt Plugin on Grafana

Hello Guys,

I want to install a pugin imagelt. Recently i have grafana V 7.4.0. This grafana is running on my server having OS Debian. I want to install the plugin with the help of following command

grafana-cli plugins install pierosavi-imageit-panel

On my grafana already running some important dashboards. My question is , if i install the plugin and restart the grafana on server. Do I need to worry about losing some dashboards or something like this ???

Thank you! always I got help on this forum

hallo, do i need to consider any thing before installing these plugins?

@hswt451muh I saw your initial question but didn’t have the chance to respond.

In theory plugins can do quite a lot - but unless the plugin author has actual malicious intent, the chances that using a new plugin in some way corrupts your existing dashboards is pretty much zero. And should be zero for a plugin that’s been published in the official Grafana repository (like this one).

All that said, given that it sounds like your dashboards are valuable, you should certainly make periodic backups of your Grafana data store - as well as make backups before any major changes. That way even if something does happen, you can always restore your last working version.


@svetb thank you very much!

One way what i was doing , I was saving the each dashboad json file for a backup individually. But it takes a lot of time.
Is there any way better , to make the backup.

Could you please explain it in a detail way :slight_smile:

One more question is, i want to upgrade my grafana 7.4.0 to 7.5.6 . is it okay to upgrade or do i need to consider something special?

Yep. Assuming you’re using the standard configuration, Grafana’s data store will be at /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db, so you need to create a backup of that file. You can just stop Grafana and make a copy of the file. This is all documented here: Upgrade Grafana | Grafana Labs.

It’s normally fine to upgrade “in place” by just installing the new version. That said, it’s good to have a look at the release notes for the version you’re upgrading to, to ensure there are no breaking changes that will impact you.