iframe a panel


Are the documentation for V9.0 available yet?

Thank you

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I think this is all there is: What's new in Grafana v9.0 | Grafana documentation

Thank you I did see that

Wanted to see the changes around iFrame, if this is possible again. Only saw in the release about multiple image embedding.

FWIW, I use iFrames for embedding Grafana live charts in Node-RED dashboard:

That is with v7.0? from V8.0 it were not available. Or are there a workaround?


I am using v8.5.4 (will install 9 soon). I use the yellow text below and displays fine as an iFrame.

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Are you using enterprise version? I am using OSS, I think that why you can iFrame

I am using OSS as well.

@grant2 Thanks but I am not sure why there is a difference then, I am running Open Source v8.4.6 and the embed option is not avalible.



My bad, I want to share the dashboard and not the panel, the panel you can iFrame