Is there any way to reuse grafana panel in my own web application

Currently, I can embed the panel into my web page through iframe, but when I need to embed multiple panels in my web page, the experience is not very good. The iframe will do a lot of repetitive initialization work (request js resources, css, etc. ). Although I can also integrate multiple panels into one dashboard and embed my web page through iframe, but I want to embed the panel separately so that I can control my page more flexibly

So does the community provide a common grafana panel sdk that can directly connect to interface data and display charts? In this way, I can flexibly control panel display and avoid iframe to do a lot of initialization.

Hi @zengtianshengz,

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As per documentation for embedding panel via iFrame,

A viewer must be signed into Grafana to view the graph.

So if you just want to display to the public, then you can use the Public Dashboards:


Let us know if this helps.