"If you're seeing this Grafana has failed to load its application files"

First of all, i know there are some similar/same post. But i don’t understand the answers respective the solutions don’t work.

I embbeded the grafana diagram in my iobroker visualisation.

In my view i also don’t have a general problem, because when i open the ioBroker visualtion from my laptop with a chrome browser it works, means the grafana diagramm is shown.

When i open the same iobroker visualisation with my NUC (with desktop, ubuntu) in chromian browser i receive the mentioned error.

Has anybody an idea? I am using Grafana 7

No ideas. So many people has this problem. Why there are no solutions?

Hi, I meet the same issue , but I failed even use Chrome browser. Is there any configuration you have follow to make sure Grafana can embbed with your app?

No. I still have the same problem. The same grafana diagram (URL) works when i open it on my windows laptop. On my NUC with linux i cannot open the URL, i get the error above.

I really cannot understand why there is no solution for this problem where many many people have.

I suggest doing a packet capture on the Grafana server to see the exact detail
of the incoming HTTP requests, and see what is different about the one from
Windows and the one from Linux.

If there is a difference in the requests, post them here or open a bug report
so that a Grafana developer can see why the responses are different.

If the requests are identical, then it’s not a Grafana problem and you should
open a bug report for the browser you’re using on the NUC, because it doesn’t
render the same page from the same response.