Grafana Home Page is Not Loading in Chrome and Firefox

Hi All,

I have deployed Grafana in Kubernetes. For last few weeks I was able to Access via Secured URL. Now suddenly I am not able to access the Grafana application in Chrome and Edge. After hitting my Grafana URL, login page is loading and after login the page is Blank. Not Sure suddenly Why I am facing this issue. But in Mozila Firefox its working as expected but not in chrome and edge. Could anyone can help on this. While I was checking the Kubernetes Logs no error logs are available. Below is the error I am getting in Console.

“Failed to load resource: net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR”


Sounds like a Chrome version upgrade. What do grafana logs say?

@yosiasz Its latest version of the chrome only. In logs its says login successful. Other than that no errors in logs.