Ideal way of handling DatasourceError alerts

For the new unified alerting, what is the ideal way of catching errors that are due to the datasource?

For instance, most (if not all) alerts are set to “alerting” for the “execErrState” field, which means we will get every alert using a datasource, if the datasource is erroring. One way around this is to create and manage an alert for each datasource to catch the error and then set all other alert’s execErrField to “OK”, so we get one alert for a downed datasource as opposed to how ever many alerts use the datasource.

I’ve also seen in the docs that we can set the field to “error” and although the alert would now give us a DatasourceError (according to the docs), but wouldn’t you still get flooded by each individual alert, should you have many alerts setup using the datasource?

Unless of course I’ve misunderstood the above. The main issue is receiving tons of alerts in the instance of the same datasource issue. Thanks in advance