I want to get reflect RMAN job details to the Dashboard


I am having trouble with creating the dashboard for Rman jobs. Does anyone have experience in that particular area?

are you using the oracle plugin?

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No @sowdenraymond should i have that for this?

That info is stored in a database, Grafana needs some way to access that data, so you either need the plugin to connect to the database, or you can write a stored proc or script that will connect to the database and extract that data, and save it in a csv file that Grafana can then access…

Actually, in my case, Prometheus is the service that accesses the Database. So we are running Grafana on top of Prometheus.

if you are already using prometheus as the exporter, then you can add custom sql’s, please see below for some examples:

in my case below works without any issues

But below doesn’t work

This one won’t work, because the name you are selecting as, and the description don’t match:

ah yes, Thank you for noticing. what about the other one?

the description does not seem to match the query, do you have a duplicate metric with that name?