Doubt about the possible uses of Prometheus mysql_exporter

Hello everyone,

I want to implement a dashboard in Grafana that allows me to see certain health parameters inside my mysql. The idea would be to monitor through the mysql_exporter of prometheus my databases inside my mysql server session at that moment.

My goal is that in the grafana dahsboard, instead of line graphs or numbers metrics, only appear green, yellow or red boxes depending on the health status of the particular metrics, it would be something visually like this but applied to mysql:

Could this idea be applied in Grafana ? Where should I apply the limits between green-yellow and yellow-red ?

Thank you very much from a novice in this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Any answer ?
Any help is welcome

Hi @MrWilkinson,

To clarify: so you want to create a dashboard that visualizes metrics pulled from the MySQL exporter like this?

I made this using the stat panel plugin.

I set the thresholds between the colors inside the Field menu on the left-hand side of the UI

Yeah @mattabrams ! Your answer helped me a lot.

Last question, Is it possible to change in Grafana this dashboard, so, instead of giving me the total numbers of the corresponding queries:

it shows me an intuitive word of the status of the query I’m trying to monitor, like in this example: (painted in Paint, just to illustrate where I’d like to get to)


I can’t find this option in Grafana, does anyone know about it?

Hi @MrWilkinson,

I would check out the value mapping feature. It lets you override a field with a string like this:

Thankyou so much @mattabrams !
Finally, is there any expression that means infinity for ranges starting from a value ? It would be useful for this kind of cases: