Use multi exporter at Grafana Prometheus query


I have a dashboard that uses a variable, with the following query:
label_values(node_exporter_build_info, instance)

The previous query will give a drop-down list at the dashboard, to check the static and the server, like (CPU, MEM, …).

I added a new exporter (BlackBox) that will get a status of a health check.
Also, I added another query, like the following:
label_values(probe_success, job)

My question is how to set one variable to read from the node exporter, and BlackBox values, of Prometheus.

Can the query be, for example:
label_values(probe_success, job) AND label_values(node_exporter_build_info, instance)

I often find that it is much easier to debug graphs if you switch to the table panel first. After that, you can try and fiddle with the data using transformations, which can do a lot of powerful sql-like transforms. Just remember that all those get done on the frontend side so they are not nearly as performant :+1: