Grafana can't upload remote mysql datas

Hi all,

I’m very lost … a newbie …

I would like to monitor a database on a remote server.

I used plugins MySQL to create it and I can connect to “one” of my databases on the remote server (I called id Mysql PROD1, but first question, how can I add the other databases ? PROD2 and PROD3 for example? Duplicate PROD1 is possible with PROD2 name ?
So datasource works. Test to my database via grafana is OK ( from linux shell too)

I download several dashboard as percona one.( I would like to use only connexiion to mysql, not prometheus for example, I tried, it doesn’t work- dial to port 3306, my database is listen on a another port and I don’t find where to change that in proemetheus …)).

Dashboad is defined with datasource mysql (which works) but I have no graphs, no datas. And I don’t find why ?

Did I forget something ?
Prometheuse; influxdb are installed, remote mysql server is ok and seen by the grafana one.

sorry if I’m confused but I spent one day to configure it …


Is the goal to monitor a mysql database on a remote server?

It sounds like you are mixing up a few concepts. The MySQL data source plugin in Grafana is for accessing data in a MySQL database. This is used when you want to visualize data from a mysql table in Grafana.

If you want to monitor the MySQL database then you should use Prometheus or InfluxDB. They both gather metrics about the running instance and store them in their own database. You would then use the Prometheus or InfluxDB data source in Grafana to access those metrics.

If you have Prometheus installed then you need to install the Prometheus MySQL exporter:

and you could start with this dashboard:

or the one in the Prometheus MySql mixin:

There are tons of tutorials that can help you understand the concepts and get started: