I want my days to change at midnight local time

Grafana 7.3.4

So I have a graph that is set to display values per day. When I mouse over the bar it says 02:00 for the time, so dows the X-axis. Why does it do that? It seems strange. I have my grafana set to EET which should be correct for Finland.

Why does it change to a new day at 2:00 and not 00:00?

I understand now that it has to do with the fact that I have set Grafana to EET and it assumes the values in influxdb are UTC. But the influxDB values are actually timestamped at local time.

I can’t figure this out or what to do about it…

Why this matters is that I want to measure power consumption and compare it to my utility company’s measurement. And that changes days at midnight. Since my spread() value is not doing that the measurements are not exactly comparable.