Problems with Timezone in graphs

hi there :).

Some problems with my timestamps in some graphs.

Situation: I’m getting datas from Influx DB (witch collect datas in TC timezone. I’m in Rome Time zone (UDC+2, Here is 22:41, Influx is writing with 20:41).

I have 2 graphs, the first is the collection of my data in a graph. In this one, i see the timestamps in my zone format, so 22:41.

I have some problems with the second graph, wich is configured to show a mean group by day. The problem is that days are calculated with timestart at 02:00:00 and timeend at 01:59:59.

For examples, I want to see the mean data for the April 27th, from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.
grafana show me the mean from April 27th 02:00:00 to April 28th 01:59:59.

Ho could I fix this?
Here my query:

Also, in the same graph, i would like to see all the days in the X axis, not one yes and one not.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Also, i would like to