I need help creating sorting logic in grafana


I am seeking assistance with the development of a system in Grafana, for which I currently lack the requisite knowledge. I have configured Zabbix as the data source for my dashboards. Specifically, in the dashboard under consideration, I am employing rows to repeat hosts. These hosts are radio devices, identified by the street on which they are located and the corresponding secondary radio used for two-way communication.

My objective is to display only the source radio for each pair, and their sole distinguishing feature is their respective IP addresses. To illustrate, if the IP address of the first radio is, the IP address of the second radio in the pair is The IP address is an item. My challenge lies in ensuring that only the first radios are displayed, as these radio pairs lack any inherent linkage.

Is there a method or solution available to help me accomplish this goal?

Hello @boninstarnet

Are you using zabbix plugin, or directly querying the backend or using the api?

I am using the plugin

Hello @boninstarnet

In this case, I believe it is easier for you to control from the zabbix side, for example, separating the first radios into a specific host group, and the rest into another host group. This way you will be more relaxed when using panel and line repetitions.

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Not a Grafana issue, should be addressed on Zabbix side.

Since you already have the “IP Address” as an Item, you can set a Item Tag of “source radio” at zabbix side. Then, at Grafana’s side you just filter it using the field for Tag at the query builder.