I don't have alerts in grafana dashboard from Zabbix server and proxys

Hello, I use Grafana in v11.0.0 and a Zabbix Server in v6.4.10 with multiple proxy (all in v6.4.13)
and i’m trying to have all the alerts that come from the Zabbix in the problems panel in the Zabbix plugin ( v4.5.0) who works with this dashboard : ISP PROVISION [ZABBIX 6.0] - DASHBOARD - ZABBIX SERVER | Grafana Labs

The error I got in the problems panel :
error grafana

Error :
Invalid params. Invalid parameter “/output/2”: value must be one of “proxyid”, “host”, “status”, “description”, “lastaccess”, “tls_connect”, “tls_accept”, “tls_issuer”, “tls_subject”, “proxy_address”, “auto_compress”, “version”, “compatibility”.

Has someone been through this issue? thanks

Update your plugin to version 4.5.1.