Cant configure alerts due to variables

im new with grafana.
Grafana v6.7.3 , influxDB 1.8.0 , Telegraf v1.14.1
lately ive installed grafana to visualize my snmp metrics stored in InfluxDB server.
ive imported Dashboard and configured some panels (traffic, cpu etc graphs).
my goal is to be able to on going add more telegraf agents (sites) to my monitoring system
this is why im using a variables based dashboard, and this works just fine so when im adding a new site the devices and graph are automatically added.
my main issue is when im trying to configure threshold/alerts i get a message that is not supported.
does any one have any idea how could i overcome this limitation?
appreciate any advice!!

thanks community

Please give a litle more information on the specific problem you are

  1. How are you configuring thresholds & alerts?

  2. Exactly what message are you getting in response?

Essentially, try to give us enough information to reproduce your problem, then
we might have a better idea what advice to offer.



thanks for responding.
it seems like a limitation and not a bug.
itry to configure it via panel configuration click on alerts and there i see the message (attached file)


dose anyone have any possible solution for this limitation?


There is a lot of work needed to be done around alerting with Grafana.

I use it for some specific use cases, but it is not a holistic system I use for throwing triggers.

I see you are using Influx - you should try Kapacitor and TICK scripts. Its a pain to understand but very powerful.

thanks for responding,
so you mean manage Kapacotor for thresholds and alerts and TICK scripts for automatically creating them?
ill check this option.
i know its a influx/grafana forum but what do you think about using zabix active agent instead telegraf and set alerts in zabbix but just visualized the data? will that be an easier to implant option?


Having used Zabbix and Influx Kapacitor - i think i like the way that zabbix handles alerting better.

Kapacitor is strong, but requires some knowledge about TICK scripts.

Now - If you wanted to investigate Kapactior - it becomes alot easier with chronograf along side to edit alert rules.

ill try to understand which is better for me.
thanks again

Hi again

Do you know if the full tick stack is open source or maybe there are some limitations for the free version?