Alert configure

I want to add alert in dashboard using zabbix datasource.And zabbix using mysql to store data.
The question arrise like picture.Somebody has come across this problem?


Grafana alerting does not work with the zabbix datasource. However, have a look at the alerting documentation for grafana zabbix where you see that you can incorporate triggers related to metrics from zabbix and display them in grafana.


Thank you.The problem had resolve.

hy haoc, i’m jeane, i have a tha’s problem like you, please give me suggestion for resolved that’s problem

I had resloved in this way.
Copy alexanderzobnin-zabbix-app to /var/lib/grafana/plugins/ .
Give me a email,I will send alexanderzobnin-zabbix-app.tar.gz to you.

Why aren’t you downloading from here/using grafana-cli?

If there are any bug please report that here.



here is my personnal email,
i had the same issue as you a the beginning of this topic,

could you please send me your tar.gz ?

I understand that Zabbix has it’s own alerting, which appears to be severely limited. I would like to utilize Grafanas’ expanded alerting ability based on alerts generated in Zabbix. Maybe i’m dense here, but mefraimsson, how do you get alerts in Zabbix, to send an alert in Grafana, as an SMS message? This is the key to using this platform is having the ability to send alerts, not just update a GUI.