I can not add datasource elasticsearch

Hello, I do not speak English, Sorry for the mistakes. I configure monitoring elasticsearch (grafana v6.1.4, elasticsearch 6.7), I want to add this dashboard https://grafana.com/dashboards/878. I’m trying to add a datasource elasticsearch, but in the process I get an error - “no such index”

Please tell me how to solve the problem?

Do you have an index called [logstash]*

You can use the date patterns or wildcard (*) but the start of the index needs to match the index name in ElasticSearch - hence why the error says no such index.

Look in your ElasticSearch (via Kibana if you have setup ELK stack) and you will get your index name.
I have used wildcard of my indexs so that I dont need to worry about the day that is being brought in.

The index name you are using looks like that same as the example in the docs.

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