How we can run Multiple Tests in K6

Hi All,
Please assist me in running a number of test scripts in the K6 Distributed Environment.
I have multiple test cases, so I need to run those scripts on different EC2 machines. I looked online for articles or tutorials on this, but I couldn’t discover anything.

Hi @DeSilvaMPD

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k6 distributed test execution assumes you will be running the test on Kubernetes. So there is no way to run those in bare EC2 machines. They should “belong” to a Kubernetes cluster using the k6-operator. Alternatively you could run this on the k6 cloud. For example, you can run this on EKS.

That is to say, if you need to run the scripts in a distributed fashion.

You should find more information in:

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions or doubts.


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