How to Handle K6 cluster for High Load for a Single Test

Hi All,
I have a performance test script that takes a big load for a single run. I, therefore, need to use several machines to handle that load. My goal is to use a K6 cluster for this task, however, there are currently no resources available to support it. I require guidance in using the K6 cluster.

There is documentation in K6 on how to do that using Kubernetes, but I’m new to Kubernetes.

However, I need to use the K6 cluster to do it. Please share any ideas, tutorials, or documentation you may have with me.

Hi @DeSilvaMPD

I provided some pointers to the docs in How we can run Multiple Tests in K6 - #3 by immavalls2. Are those enough for you to get started? If you are new to Kubernetes I’d suggest some Kubernetes training before running the k6-operator.