Running a set of tests with k6 cloud


Is there really no way to run multiple tests with k6 cloud.
The only ways I see, are:

  • Schedule tests to start one after another (seems like a very low tech solution, and a pain to maintain, if test parameters are changed have to shuffle around the schedules)
  • Have a script to run k6 cloud test1.js commands one after another (far from ideal, this would rack up costs for the machine that runs this script along with the Grafana cloud costs we already have)

Is there really no proper way to achieve this?
As context, right now I’m just looking to run a set of tests nightly with k6 cloud. But of course I don’t want to run the tests in parallel.

Hi, using webpack bundler you can bundle all your tests as a single test file and run it as usual

Any example of this?

But still, this seems far from ideal, doesn’t this mean that, say I have 20 different test, each of them test a different endpoint and cleanly show up in the grafana dashboard. Now if I bundled all the tests as a single file, it’d only be one test? And show up as one single test in the grafana dashboard and all the comparions etc would be messed up and blended together.

I don’t think there is an example, I could have provided it.
But you can achieve it without bundling tool, by creating such test manually.

However, it depends how your treat tests
If a test file means a test for you - then yeah, it’s might be a problem
But if you treat metrics for a given API endpoint, checks and groups metrics as tests - then there is no issue to have many API endpoints, checks and groups in a single test (file)