How we can monitor any dashboards link or website link on grafana?

I have couples of dashboards i want to monitor all the dashboards link in grafana. For examples If my dashboards link goes down i should get notifications for that.

Please help with the approach. I am using prometheus+grafana.
My grafana version is Grafana v6.0.2 (3f4c2e7).

Not sure why your dashboard would go down. But you probably want a black box exporter like or perhaps you want Prometheus absent alerts?

You can alert either from Prom or Grafana.

We use Metabase BI tool (open source ) to publish our dashboards, Some time what happens Metabase service goes down because of the that issue all the dashboards which we have published on Metabase wouldn’t be accessible.

Hopefully the resource if an HTTP end point? idk

curl -I http//endpoint/dash

If the http response code is != 200, alert, via black box exporter

I am a newbie to grafana. I don’t have too much idea about black box exporter. I am assuming that.

First I have to install black box exporter on remote host where my dashboards has been published. Please correct me if i am wrong. OR I need to install black box exporter on both the machines (main and remote).