How uninstall all of Grafana

Hi, I try uninstall all Grafana, how can I delete the BD with all users? in Ubuntu Server 20



Did you use default location for configuration? You can find the paths to delete in your config file.

Good Luck

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Thnks wlargou

I use the following commands:

sudo apt-get purge grafana

can we have the reason why you want to uninstall Grafana? Is there anything bad in the product that disturbed you? Please help to improve and rething your decision

Is a fantastic tool, but I had problems with the admin user password, I need started from zero.

but you can set it 2021-01-15T00:00:00Z

Hi, I try uninstall all Grafana

How are you trying to do this, and (more importantly) what is not being

Can you share any error messages with us?

how can I delete the BD with all users?

What’s BD?

in Ubuntu Server 20


Thank you for telling us which system you’re doing this on - that is very
helpful. Too many people fail to mention this sort of detail.


Thank you pooh

I delete Grafana but still with the same users and dashboards

I lost admin user, and need reinstall Grafana

Sorry for my bad english

now we understand the problem. so you need a way to reset your passwort!!!

Actually I have the next error in the browser I still do not install Grafana.

I did all ways, not work for me

Did you try :

Uninstall just grafana:

sudo apt-get remove grafana

Uninstall grafana and its dependencies:

sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove grafana

Reference: ubuntu - How to completely uninstall grafana? - Stack Overflow

please do not uninstall graphana, you can reset your password

sudo grafana-cli --homepath “/usr/share/grafana/” admin reset-admin-password newpass

Yes, but I Re-install grafana, but still with the same users and dashboards

a grafana is installed once then you do updates on that, i all works fansastic


The database is stored in : /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db, if you are using default sqlite.

Try and delete it before installing again.

Good Luck

Hi, thats Work for me, thanks for the support, Grafana works excellent again!