How to view Dashboard Usage for Grafana Open Source?

Is there a way to view Dashboard usage for Grafana Open Source ? We’re using Grafana v8.4.3. TIA!

For example you can enable proper request logging, e.g.:

router_logging = true

and then parse/process Grafana logs to create dashboard usage metrics. Native dashboard usage metrics are only enterprise feature.


Thank you @jangaraj

WOW, nice workaround I will try that.!

Yes, but you need to get your hand dirty. So it is not “free” feature, because you will need time and knowledge for workaround implementation.

Maybe that usage metrics can be generated also from Grafana’s traces.

Hello, @thilakdas93 @fercasjr @jangaraj I’ve noticed that you’ve explored the server logs approach in Grafana to get dashboard usage. I’m currently working on a similar initiative. Were you able to fetch useful info out of it? Could you please share your insights on the approach you’ve taken and/or any tips you’ve found useful when dealing with this approach.
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